Extensive Opportunities for Press Outlets in Uzbekistan


The 3rd National Exhibition “The Press of Uzbekistan” has opened at the Uzexpocenter exhibition complex. It is organized by the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information in partnership with a number of organizations and bodies.

At the opening ceremony of the exposition, Chairman of the Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan Sh.Ghulomov, Chairman of the Oliy Majlis Senate Committee for Science, Education, Culture and Sports M.Khujamberdiev, Director General of the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information O.Yunusov and others noted that a tremendous significance is attached during independence years under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to the development of mass media as well as publishing and printing industry.

The challenges outlined in the Concept for Intensification of Democratic Reforms and Formation of Civil Society in the Country pushed forward by the head of our state have served as a starting point in the qualitatively new phase of reforming the information sphere and securing the freedom of speech and information. The organizational and normative measures directed at the intensification of liberalization in the information area and ensuring the freedom of speech open up extensive opportunities for a dynamic advancement of mass media.

Owing to the constant attention being paid by our state to this sphere, the mass media have been playing an important role in securing the openness of steadfast reforms being undertaken, in providing for the freedom of speech and pluralism of views. The regular participation of Uzbekistan’s media organizations in major international forums being held in our country and abroad is suggestive of a well-deserved place earned by them in the global information space.

As a result of the extensive support being provided by the state, the number of mass media in our country reaches 1,377 as of 1 November 2013.

President Islam Karimov’s Resolution “On the Provision of Additional Tax Privileges and Preferences for the Further Development of Mass Media” signed 30 December 2011 has served as an important factor in the creation of necessary conditions for the establishment of activities of print and electronic media outlets, publishers, printing enterprises and organizations for the spread of press in accordance with modern requirements and ensuring in this process an independence of mass media. This resolution serves as a guide for action in the promotion of information sphere, in the elevation of the role of mass media in the establishment of public control over the activities of government and management bodies.

“The immense attention being paid by the President of our country to the development of printing industry has found its bright manifestation also in the activities of our team,” says the first deputy director of the Publishing and printing Creative House “Uzbekiston” Muhammadjon Zaitoev. “In accordance with the relevant resolution adopted by the President Islam Karimov on December 30, 2011, additional conveniences and privileges have been created also for our enterprise. This facilitates the launch of new production capacities, the technical and technological modernization of the sector, and in the end the increase in the quality and expansion of a range of print products as well as decrease in their cost price.”

In the 3rd National Exhibition “The Press of Uzbekistan”, print periodicals, electronic mass media, and publishers are taking part with their specialized stands and colorful produce that reflects their activities. As part of the national exposition, the publishers envision presentations of books in more than two hundred titles, meetings with writers and poets and participants of the exhibition.

In excess of sixty local companies are taking part in this three-day long exposition, so are those from more than ten countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, China, Japan, Germany and Russia. One of them is the Heidelberg from Germany that specializes in the production of printing presses. The company has been effectively cooperating for the last fifteen years with publishers and printing houses of our country.

“This exhibition is instrumental in the demonstration of the tremendous potential, available capacities, and new prospects of Uzbekistan on the publishing sphere, in the familiarization with the latest innovations in the sector,” Josef Moser, head of the regional office of the company Heidelberg, shares with us. “The creation of additional economic privileges for publishing enterprises and the measures for the construction of new centers of enlightenment facilitate the realization of such gracious goals in Uzbekistan as the furthering the development of education sphere and the formation of youth as highly educated and intellectually advanced individuals.”

As part of the 3rd National Exhibition “The Press of Uzbekistan”, the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information in cooperation with the Writers Union, the Academy of Sciences and a range of other organizations is set to hold an academic and practical seminar entitled “The Role of Books in the Spiritual and Enlightenment Development of the Society” under the motto “Attention to Literature Means Attention to Spirituality and the Future”.

During this occasion, awaiting announcement also are the outcomes of the 5th national review contest “The Book of the Year”. Local publishing enterprises are to take part in it with their books in five dimensions. Winners of the competition are to be awarded by the organizers at the end of the 3rd National Exhibition “The Press of Uzbekistan”.