Power from Sunbeams


Uzbekistan wields significant capacities for the development of alternative sources of energy, especially in the use of solar energy. Our land enjoys nearly 300 sunny days a year. The annual potential of Uzbekistan’s solar power makes up 50 billion and 973 million tons in oil equivalent.

A special significance is attached under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to boosting the energy independence of our country, promotion of the rational use of power sources, and the introduction of environmentally clean technologies. In accordance with the Decree of the head of our state “On Measures to Encourage the Alternative Sources of Energy” signed 1 March 2013, wide-ranging efforts are underway to enhance the use of alternative energy and support the research works in progress in the energy sector.

The effects of such an intensive attention and encouragement can be seen also in the activities of the Tashkent-based limited liability company Solar Energy Products.

Cutting-edge equipment was installed at the enterprise in February 2013 to be able to manufacture solar panels with a capacity of 4 megawatt per annum. Currently, more than ten types of goods are being produced with the help of this line that works on solar energy. They include a photo-electric system to enlighten streets and facilities, to lift water from wells with depth of down to 100 meters, a photo-electric equipment to produce electric and heat energy, an autonomous multifunctional mobile photo-electric system for emergency power supply, and solar rechargers for charging technical machinery with a capacity of 2-50 watt.

“The goods of our enterprise are produced on the technology invented by the Physics-Technical Institute of the “Physics-Sun” scientific-production association of Uzbekistan’s Academy of Sciences,” Ibragim Gulamov, director of the Solar Energy Products, says. “This technology takes into account all the climatic peculiarities of Uzbekistan. Thus, foreign-produced solar panels do not envisage the capacity of efficient work in extreme conditions of the continental climate in Uzbekistan. The domestic produce is capable of working regularly under temperatures of -20 degrees C up to +80 degrees C.”

The goods are produced at the enterprise in accordance with technical requirements fixed by the Uzstandart agency, and there are no other permits needed for its operation. On the order of the customer, the company manufactures solar panels of any capacity. All the products have a 20 years warranty. In addition, the company undertakes free servicing during that span of time.

The goods offered by the Solar Energy Products are manufactured in the form of photo-electric batteries and photo-electric devices of diverse capacities, outfitted with invertors, rechargeable batteries and other components. Solar elements with a high coefficient of performance, a modern element base of electronic blocks and systems of accumulating the electric power are used in the production of goods mentioned above. To minimize the prices, the designing and production of photo-electric devices is carried out with an eye to concrete technical requests outlined by the customer.

“This year we have fulfilled the first state order,” says the chief engineer of the enterprise Elmurod Abdullaev. “The solar panels produced in our company were installed for the first time on standard-design houses built on individual projects in the Namangan district. Each solar panel installed on the roof of buildings provides for lighting inside the building along with the operation of home appliances. The capacity of device is 1.7 kilowatt per 24 hours. The majority of our customers are private home owners and farming enterprises, which use solar batteries for lighting the houses, country cottage, lands, as well as to run home appliances of minor capacity such as TV and personal computer. The interest has lately been growing also among corporate customers who are willing to use our products in business purposes.”

In supplying remote districts with power, the energy expenses and the likelihood of technical failures are known to grow. In such circumstances, rather effective are the separately functioning, local sources of energy. Thus, the goods of the Solar Energy Products is widely used in rural medical units, farming enterprises, community services points and private homes located far from centralized power supply systems. This allows one to supply the population uninterruptedly with electric and heat energy and save natural resources.

Notably, the integrated photoelectric equipment manufactured by the enterprise allows extracting simultaneously 170 watt of electric power as well as 20 liters of hot water an hour with a temperature of up to 60 degrees C. Such a device for lifting water is rather convenient for residents of areas suffering from insufficiency of water. This equipment has been supplied in 2013 to a number of farming enterprises in the Ferghana Valley and Kashkadarya region.

“A solar panel was installed in the courtyard of our house this past spring,” shares Eshmurod Hamdamov, resident of Sariasiya district in Surkhandarya region. “We enjoy an uninterrupted supply of electric power ever since. Such equipment is advantageous for every family. It is convenient in use and does not inflict harm on the environment.”

Solar Energy Products Ltd. also undertakes academic cooperation with professional colleges. Last September, the company installed its photoelectric station with a capacity to produce 10 kilowatt of electric power a day at the Tashkent Construction and Community College. This station provides the PC hall with environmentally clean electric energy. And now, training courses on the installation and technical servicing of solar photoelectric stations are projected to be organized at this professional college by the Solar Energy Products in cooperation with the Physics and Technical Institute.

Such consistent endeavors serve for an even more efficient use of our country’s alternative energy capacities and the further development of economy with a growing wellbeing of people.